Sara Show

The Sara Show is a lifestyle interview show hosted by Sara Jane Ho that is available on Beijing Television (BTV) and Tencent Video.


Our etiquette expert takes an all access journey to some of the biggest names in Hollywood and New York, getting them to open up with her playful and mischievous interview style in this fun and informative series that bridges China with the West.


From the Hollywood Hills where Sara gets exclusive access to the most expensive home in the world, to a private lunch with chef Jean Georges where he uses his culinary skills to transform beloved Chinese dishes such as tomato and eggs into Michelin star worthy delicacies, to a peek behind the curtain of the most sought after plastic surgeon in Hollywood who spills the secrets of the world’s most famous celebrities, to organising your love life with Marie Kondo, and talking sleep with Arianna Huffington.

Season One with 18 episodes is the first truly bicultural and bilingual show of its kind. Sara uses a mix of English and Mandarin in a hosting style that can be enjoyed by viewers who speak either or both.


The Sara Show will launch on YouTube in April 2020.