Wonder Shop

Curated by Miss Wonder, the alter ego of renowned etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho, Wonder Shop is a curated shop of wellness, beauty and style from all over the world to help you lead a positive life. 


Living a positive life consists of a beautiful and safe home, proper self care, looking and feeling good about yourself, going out in comfort and style, and high quality family time. 


We added a final category for positive living – giving back. 


It all started when founder Sara Jane Ho spent a year as a full time volunteer in the poorest regions of China. There she met a resilient little girl called Zhou Huaqiong who walked 30km a day to and from school to pursue her education. 


Sara realized that the opportunities she was lucky enough to have – access to education and the ability to live life on her own terms – didn’t even occur to this little girl. Sara was compelled to sponsor the rest of Huaqiong’s education.


In that moment, it became crystal clear that while talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. It was from that realisation that 10 years later a new kind of retailer is born, one with giving back built into every, single transaction.  


We donate 3% of sales proceeds to support the "Protecting Girls" project, established under the China Foundation of Culture and Arts for Children.


Wonder Shop is exclusively available to China through our Official WeChat Account (ID: misswonderco).